Our Programs

Infants: 6 weeks to 18 months

In our infant program, we provide individualized care for each baby. Children are introduced to Bible stories and poems, colors, shapes, and more!   Ongoing vocabulary development is supported through teacher narration and sign language.   Teachers undergo extensive training on sign language to help children communicate with the people around them.   Our littlest loves will learn basic self-care skills such as hand-washing, along with the social skills of sharing and taking turns.

Toddlers: 18 months to 3 years

Our toddler curriculum includes weekly themes that are linked to Bible stories. Expanding upon the infant curriculum, toddlers will also be introduced to counting, letters of the alphabet, and fine motor skills. Children in our toddler program will learn manners, social skills, and self-identifying information. Our toddlers follow a semi-structured schedule that includes outdoor play, group naptime, and family style meals!

Preschool: 3 to 4 years

Our preschool program consists of a comprehensive Christian curriculum in which nursery rhymes, Bible verses, songs, and finger plays are used to teach academic skills. Children will learn the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, basic math skills including sorting and patterns, and an increased focus on fine and gross motor skills. Children will also learn the phonetic sounds of all letters and will trace uppercase letters. Outdoor play, rest-time, and social cooperation are other components of the preschool curriculum.

Pre-K: 4-5 years

Kindergarten Readiness is the primary focus of our Pre-K program. Collaboration with local elementary schools ensures that teachers are preparing our 4 and 5 year olds for kindergarten! Children will be able to name and write each letter of the alphabet, along with their names. There is an increased focus on spatial awareness, cooperative play, sequencing, and phonemic awareness. Children will be able to recognize, recall, and retell common Bible Stories. Nursery Rhymes, songs, and poems will become familiar and repeatable. Children will receive a portfolio at the end of Pre-K with work samples from the year, showing they are prepared academically, socially, and spiritually for kindergarten and beyond!