Core Values

2 Core Values 8.5x11.jpg 1. Innovation in Education
Through play-based learning, Full Heart Child Care supports Innovation in Education. Each child’s creativity is fostered through differentiation of both level and style of support and learning.

2. Wellness
In order to promote positivity and wellness among staff, families, and children, Full Heart focuses on creating healthy habits among children and a clean, safe environment where children are able to grow and learn.

3. Commitment
A commitment to God is at the forefront of the philosophy Full Heart embodies. This commitment touches everyone that walks in the building to create a commitment of love to themselves, children, families, and coworkers.

4. It Takes a Village Strong
Communication skills, open and honest conversations, and a responsibility to advocate for children support the mindset at Full Heart that “It Takes a Village” to raise children. Each and every teacher is held accountable for their role in this process.

5. Acceptance
At Full Heart, every person is accepted not “regardless” of their differences but because of them. Diversity is embraced and welcomed and the primary focus is creating a family atmosphere for all who walk through the doors, both teachers and families.