Dental Health Awareness

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! It is meant to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Check out this article from the American Dental Association to learn more:

Full Heart Child Care is supporting this important cause! Check out what our kiddos are working on and join in on the fun!

Printable FHCC Dental Health Awareness Coloring Sheet!

Dental Health Coloring Sheet


PreSchool at Full Heart

Full Heart Child Care uses a comprehensive curriculum in our Preschool program.  This ensures that children receive differentiated instruction and are prepared for kindergarten and beyond.  The lesson plans include:


-links to key standards
-art and sensory activities
-weekly themes
-basic math and science topics
-an early literacy component
-clear learning objectives

Another huge part of our preschool program is the social-emotional development of each child.  Children learn self-help skills, conflict management, manners, and more.  At Full Heart, we serve delicious, organic meals and offer full day programs with full or partial week options for scheduling.  Give us a call at 585-953-5473 or visit our website for more information or follow us on Facebook to see what our Full Heart preschoolers are up to!
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Family First at Full Heart!

Here at Full Heart Child Care, it’s not just about getting to know a child, it’s about getting to know the entire family! In order to do this, we LOVE finding ways to bring families into our world in the classroom. This past week we invited families to be with us as their children paraded from classroom to classroom trick or treating  in their ADORABLE costumes. Afterward, the children, teachers and families shared lots of treats, laughs and fun stories which made the day so special for everyone involved! We have many more events planned for the upcoming months to help bring families together!  We can’t wait for our community of families to keep growing closer and closer!
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When designing the space for our child care center, a HUGE priority for us was to have a true play area for our families. Yes, as a business owner, I recognized this space could be used to expand our capacity. However, as a mom, I understood the value of having a slide, tunnel and space to move and play!

We all know kids LOVE to play. But they also NEED to! That is why we think it is so important to incorporate BIG play into each day at Full Heart Child Care. Developing those gross motor skills helps the kids in our care gain strength and confidence, not to mention, set the stage for a healthy lifestyle as they grow!

For more information or to tour our newly renovated facility, send us an email or give us a call today!

Harvest Success!

The first annual Harvest in the Village Festival was more amazing than we ever thought possible! This week, we want to thank everyone who made the event such a huge success! First and foremost, the staffs of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Rochester, The Friend Team, and Full Heart Child Care put together this wonderful day and we thank them for all of their hard work! Families enjoyed pumpkin painting, a huge bounce house, candy apple bar, face painting by Fancy Faces, arts and crafts, games, photo booths, donuts, and cider, and even Marty’s Meats food truck! The best part of the day was the overwhelming sense of community! Families from across the area were meeting and enjoying the fun event and beautiful weather. We are truly blessed and overwhelmed with the great turn out and thank everyone for coming!

Harvest in the Village / Oct 7

We are SO EXCITED about this Saturday’s Harvest in the Village Family Fall Festival! This FREE event features tons of great activities for children and families!  There will be a bounce house, crafts, pumpkin decorating, lawn games, a donut wall, hot cider, and so much more! Face painting and a fall-themed photo booth are a couple more of the exciting activities being offered!  Marty’s Meats Food Truck will be there and we will be serving lots of delicious treats, like candy apples and donuts and cider!  The festival will be held from 11am2pm and we hope you and your family can make it!  Please tell your friends and family that we would love to see them there as well!  Visit our Facebook page for more details! To RSVP, visit or email!

Harvest 2

Growing means changing, and we’re ready!

Here at Full Heart Child Care, we know that an infant’s schedule changes sometimes on a weekly basis!  We pride ourselves on keeping babies’ routines the same as when they are at home!  This means teachers and parents are communicating regularly with each other about changes in feeding times and amounts, napping schedules, and more!  As new foods are introduced to a child’s diet, we update their menu here so that we can serve them our delicious meals as well!  And while we are talking about babies, check out some of our little loves below!!
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First Day Jitters

At Full Heart Child Care, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to drop your child off on their very first day at school!  We take lots of measure to make sure families feel welcome, even before the first day! Prior to children starting, we set up a time for families to visit, drop off paperwork and supplies, and meet their child’s teacher(s)!  This ensures that on their first day, the focus can be 100% on making the child feel comfortable and parents feel at ease!

Throughout a child’s first day, parents will receive updates via Kangarootime about how their child is eating, sleeping, and overall adjusting to their new environment! We always make sure to call home on the first day to let parents know how their little one is doing too!  The Kangarootime pictures are a huge comfort to parents as they see their child engaged in fun activities and maybe getting some snuggles from their teachers!

We know that change is hard for everyone, and we are here to help you and your family transition to our Full Heart family!
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As we all know, a child’s nap is crucial to their overall success and mood on a daily basis!  One of the most frequently asked question from inquiring parents is “How will my child sleep here?” In the infant program, we follow the schedule that is being followed at home, meaning that if your child takes multiple naps at home, they will here too.  In the toddler and preschool rooms, children sleep on cots with sheets that we provide.  We encourage families to bring a blanket or attachment item to help mirror their home sleep experience as much as possible.  Teachers are comforting to children and will hold, rock, or rub backs of any child that needs some snuggles before nap and there is always calming music playing! Children who are used to sleeping in perfectly dark, quiet places may take a few days to adjust to the new environment, but once they are sleeping well here, they almost always sleep even better at home! Sweet dreams!!Amanda Sig


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