Halloween Safety Tips!

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Halloween is a night of fun and fright, but it does require extra caution when it comes to keeping your little monsters safe…Follow these Halloween safety tips to help avoid common accidents and dangers.

1. Provide adult supervision
Trick or treat is safer – not to mention more fun – in groups, and adult supervision is essential. So get together with other adults and make an evening of it. Bring cellphones for quick pictures and emergencies, but leave them in your pockets to avoid getting distracted.

2. Stay on the sidewalks
The thrill of the holiday often factors into accidents as excited kids rush from door to door. Keep children on the sidewalks, and shepherd them carefully when they need to cross the road. In areas without sidewalks, walk on the far edge of the road, facing traffic.

3. Carefully check candy
Check candy for choking hazards like gum and hard candies. Throw away any candy that is not sealed with a wrapper and avoid homemade treats received from strangers.

4. Choose bright, visible costumes
When selecting a costume, opt for the bright-colored outfits and add a touch of reflective tape to the material. Stick some reflective tape on their trick-or-treat bags as well so they can be easily spotted by motorists. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure they’re equipped with a flashlight or glow stick – must-have accessories for any costume.

5. Make sure costumes are well-fitted and safe.
Being visible isn’t the only safety consideration for a costume. The right fit is just as important. Here’s some advice on keeping your child’s ensemble safe and secure:
*Prevent accidental tripping or entanglement by making sure costumes aren’t too big or long.
*Avoid masks that block vision, but if your child wears one – it should have large eye, nose and mouth openings. You can also op for makeup or face paint as an alternative
*Costumes, wigs and accessories should contain a label indicating they are flame resistant
*Make sure accessories such as swords, canes, or sticks are not sharp or too long

6. Makeup safety
If makeup is a part of your child’s Halloween costume plans, make sure it is non-toxic and test it on a small area first. Before your child goes to bed, make sure to remove all makeup.

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Summer Camp for SCHOOL-AGE kids!

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You may not realize the impact summer camp can have on the developing minds and bodies of your children. In addition to providing parents with a childcare option over the summer months, camps can help children with both short-term and long-term development.

Physical and Mental Activity
Summer break can negatively impact children in two major ways: Not only are children in danger of falling behind academically over the break, but studies have shown that children are more prone to weight-gain when they’re out of school. Camp means more time running, playing and thinking and less time on the couch or in front of a screen.

Social Skills
Summer camp can also help children make new friends. Whether your child is learning to live with new bunkmates at overnight camp or meeting new kids at a local day camp, getting out of the house can expose them to a more diverse group of children than they may interact with on a regular basis.

Structured Schedules
If your child spends all summer watching TV or casually hanging out with friends, returning to the daily routine of the classroom can be a tough adjustment during the first week of school. Even if the camp doesn’t last the majority of the summer, holding children accountable to a regular routine over the break can help ease the transition into the new school year.

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering a sports camp, a performance camp or a camp with a little bit of everything; your child will come home with new, unique experiences, having met new people and learned new skills. All that “new” adds up to a lot of growth that can give kids the confidence to handle challenges at school and later in life.

Get your child involved in our Summer Camp at Full Heart Child Care!

Download the Summer Camp Flyer

To learn more, visit our Summer Camp page or contact Executive Director, Amanda Hellebush at 585-953-5473 or by emailing fullheartchildcare@gmail.com!

1 Year Later

Today is our one year anniversary of opening the doors at Full Heart Child Care. As the director of this amazing center, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the past year. In order to do that, we need to go back a little further than that. After months of renovations and inspections, paperwork and licensing (and more licensing), we were ready to start touring families and hiring teachers. I knew that we were creating a program that I believed in, that we would provide quality, individualized care, and truly become a part of the village that it takes to raise children.

However, there was a fear as well. Fear that I was asking teachers to leave their jobs for a new career that wasn’t yet established. Fear that it wouldn’t be the best location for families. Fear that we would not fill up quickly. Fear that running a new business would prove to be too much for me. Fear that what Mandy and Ed Gigliotti and I believed in so much would fail. As it turns out, I wasted a lot of time being afraid. I hired a small group of teachers that were as committed as I was to make Full Heart a success. Natalie, Colleen, and Marissa, who have been here since day 1, have shared and implemented our vision with the families that they serve. They were trained and ready to go!

May 1, 2017, we opened our doors for the very first time. We served just one infant and three toddlers each day for that first week. The next week, we had two babies and four toddlers. By the summer, we were filling up rapidly and knew we were ready to open a second infant and toddler room, as well as preschool. Many new teachers were brought on board, including Sarah, Sylvia, Maya, Elese, and Nina, who are all still with us today! My heart was happy. Fall rolled around and a wait list began. I was completing up to fifteen tours per week and it finally hit me. Full Heart was not only going to be a successful business, but it had become exactly what we wanted it to be. Erin, Lana, Betsy, Taylor, Hope, Natalya, and Rene’ round out what makes this place so special.

I wake up in the morning and I WANT to go to work. With any career, there are challenges of course. We deal with rough days, teething, children finding their own way in the world, falling down, and getting back up again. But, we also see first steps hear first words. We see children overcome fears and we see them grow (physically and emotionally). As I walk through the building each day and hear things like “You can do it,” and “Can I help you build that,” I know that I am so very blessed to be here. It is truly an honor and a blessing that I do not and will not take for granted. The children in this program are loved and cared for as if they are our own children and we will continue to do so for years to come.

May 1, 2018. As I write this in my office, I can hear the toddlers outside my office door. They are learning all about lemons today. I can hear their expressions as they taste it for the first time, and I can hear the teachers encouraging them to explore their senses. “How does it feel?” “What color is the lemon?” “How does it taste?” “Look what happens when you squeeze the lemon!” On this day, I am the luckiest one of all. I am surrounded by loveable children and those that have chosen to love them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Ed and Mandy, for giving me this opportunity. Thank you, teachers, for being so dedicated and loving.

Thank you, families, for trusting us with your babies and letting us be part of your village!

Amanda Sig

Amanda Hellebush
Executive Director
Full Heart Child Care

Full Heart Child Care + Kangarootime


If you’ve been following us, you hear us talking about how much we LOVE KangarooTime! We are so grateful to have found an amazing platform for our families to stay connected with our littles and curriculum while allowing our teachers to do what they do best; share their love!

Check out this awesome video Kangarootime created highlighting our amazing director, Amanda and how Kangartootime has impacted Full Heart Child Care.

Why Summer Camp?

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“Summer offers children a well-received break from structured learning. A Summer Camp provides children with the opportunity to build their character, confidence, and other interpersonal skills while indulging in fun and entertaining activities.”

Here at Full Heart, we couldn’t agree more. We are excited to invite both pre-school and school-aged children to our 2018 Summer Camp! We look forward to helping your child develop both educational and interpersonal skills…and have a BLAST!

“In a safe environment, free from parental interference, children make their own decisions and fulfill their duties as a member of a working group…At camp, daily challenges and group activities can help stimulate personal growth by pushing children to new boundaries. From first-day introductions to end-of-summer farewells, children get countless real-life opportunities to practice their interpersonal skills.”

Check out these great benefits of enrolling your child in Summer Camp:

  1. Friendship: One of the key components of summer camp is friendship. As part of a camp community, children are encouraged to work together and rely on the support of others.
  2. Confidence: Children take part in many character building activities that promote positive self-esteem and self-worth.
  3. Leadership: Children are encouraged to participate in group activities that reward valuable leadership skills.
  4. Independence: While camp counselors provide ample supervision and guidance, children are encouraged to make positive decisions on their own.
  5. Fresh Air: At home, the lure of video games and air conditioning can sometimes be overwhelming, but at summer camp there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep children active outside. *According to the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, children between the ages of two and five spend an average of 2.2 hours on screens every day!*
  6. Discovery: Children walk away from camp with a variety of new skills. Some skills may even become a lifelong interest.
  7. Freedom: While there are many preplanned activities at camp, some of the children’s time is filled with free play. Children cherish the opportunity to build upon their newfound friendships.
  8. Nature: Many camps provide a gateway to the natural world. Hiking, canoeing, and water play are just a few of the enjoyable outdoor activities your child may take part in at camp.
  9. Talent: At camp, individuality is celebrated. Oftentimes, a variety of activities will offer children multiple opportunities to discover and nurture their individual talents.
  10. Belonging: Children often yearn to be accepted and cherished by their peers. At camp, they will discover that many tasks require a team effort.
  11. Tradition: From camp songs to secret codes, summer camps often develop their own culture and traditions to match. For this reason, children often desire to return to the same camp year after year.
  12. Education: Educators stress the importance of bridging the gap between school years. Summer camp, while incredibly fun, offers activities that encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and even encourage skills such as reading and math. Early childhood educators stress importance of summer camp in school preparedness.

Download our Summer Camp Flyer!

To learn more, give us a call today!

Summer Camp Preview / WEEK 1

Over the coming weeks, we will be previewing our upcoming Summer Camp! Each week we will take a peek at the fun weekly theme and corresponding activities and adventures we have planned!

Week 1 is “Wet and Wild” with a focus on things like sea and ocean life, swimming, and water play.

-Make your own aquarium
-Animal acting
-Seashell painting
-Sponge races

Learn more by visiting http://bit.ly/FHCCsummercamp or by calling 585-953-5473!

Summer Camp at Full Heart!


Here at Full Heart we’ve had a BLAST planning interactive, fun, creative play curriculum for our Summer Camp program! Check out all the fun weekly themes below!

[p.s. You may find some extra happy bellies the week of July 30th!]

2018 Summer Camp

Download the Summer Camp Flyer


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Full Heart Child Care! Students will be celebrating the holiday with fun activities like Shamrock Hunts and discovering new things in sensory bin…today it was GREEN rice! Join in on the fun! Download and print our Saint Patrick’s Day coloring sheet!

St Pattys Coloring Sheet BW


Dr. Seuss Day!

March 2nd, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss Day at Full Heart Child Care! This special day is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and also a day to celebrate reading all over the United States! Our children will be celebrating by wearing red/white/black, enjoying Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast and participating in Dr. Seuss-themed activities! Download the coloring sheet below and check out other fun activities from Seussville.com to join in on the fun!

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