5 Things

Top 5 Features of Full Heart Child Care

1. Facilities! Full Heart Child Care boasts a completely renovated facility with beautiful, spacious classrooms. Our two-building campus features separate spaces for infants, toddlers, preschool, pre-k, and school-age children. In addition, we have a fully functional indoor gross motor room for children of all ages. An extremely large outdoor play space houses playground equipment, an outdoor eating area, and room for water play in the summer months. Our classrooms are full of toys, art supplies, age-appropriate furniture, and sensory tables! This allows children to learn to their very best ability while staying safe and healthy in clean, colorful rooms! Cleanliness is key! Teachers clean throughout the day to maintain a healthy environment, and cribs, cots, toys, and tables are sanitized in the evening.

2. Our Staff! At Full Heart, we only hire well-qualified teachers! All teachers undergo three background checks and three reference checks. They must meet OCFS qualifications for their position, and participate in a full week of paid training before working with children! Our teachers are in the business of loving children and are trained to provide individualized care for each and every child in our center.

3. Kangarootime! At Full Heart Child Care, communication between teachers and families is so important! Kangarootime makes it possible for parents to see real-time updates of how their child’s day is going! From diaper changes to naps, meals to curriculum, parents always know what is happening in the classroom! Parents experience peace of mind as they receive pictures of their children actively engaged in activities throughout the day. Other features of Kangarootime include a convenient automatic payment option as well as the ability to update family and medical information!

4. Healthy Meals! We know how important nutrition and healthy eating is to our families! When creating our menu, we wanted to make sure parents would feel confident that their children were eating as healthy at school as they do at home! We proudly serve all organic produce and whole wheat grain choices. We also provide organic milk for all children! Our children love their fresh fruits and veggies and we love to see them excited about their healthy meals!

5. Curriculum! Full Heart Child Care is so much more than child care! Our children say they attend “school” here and it is so true! Our curriculum focuses on sensory activities, basic math and literacy skills, social and wellness skills, gross and fine motor development, and more! It is extremely important to us that children are leaving our program prepared for kindergarten and beyond. We use researched base lesson plans and collaborate with school districts to make sure children are properly prepared for their further education!