Why Summer Camp?

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“Summer offers children a well-received break from structured learning. A Summer Camp provides children with the opportunity to build their character, confidence, and other interpersonal skills while indulging in fun and entertaining activities.”

Here at Full Heart, we couldn’t agree more. We are excited to invite both pre-school and school-aged children to our 2018 Summer Camp! We look forward to helping your child develop both educational and interpersonal skills…and have a BLAST!

“In a safe environment, free from parental interference, children make their own decisions and fulfill their duties as a member of a working group…At camp, daily challenges and group activities can help stimulate personal growth by pushing children to new boundaries. From first-day introductions to end-of-summer farewells, children get countless real-life opportunities to practice their interpersonal skills.”

Check out these great benefits of enrolling your child in Summer Camp:

  1. Friendship: One of the key components of summer camp is friendship. As part of a camp community, children are encouraged to work together and rely on the support of others.
  2. Confidence: Children take part in many character building activities that promote positive self-esteem and self-worth.
  3. Leadership: Children are encouraged to participate in group activities that reward valuable leadership skills.
  4. Independence: While camp counselors provide ample supervision and guidance, children are encouraged to make positive decisions on their own.
  5. Fresh Air: At home, the lure of video games and air conditioning can sometimes be overwhelming, but at summer camp there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep children active outside. *According to the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, children between the ages of two and five spend an average of 2.2 hours on screens every day!*
  6. Discovery: Children walk away from camp with a variety of new skills. Some skills may even become a lifelong interest.
  7. Freedom: While there are many preplanned activities at camp, some of the children’s time is filled with free play. Children cherish the opportunity to build upon their newfound friendships.
  8. Nature: Many camps provide a gateway to the natural world. Hiking, canoeing, and water play are just a few of the enjoyable outdoor activities your child may take part in at camp.
  9. Talent: At camp, individuality is celebrated. Oftentimes, a variety of activities will offer children multiple opportunities to discover and nurture their individual talents.
  10. Belonging: Children often yearn to be accepted and cherished by their peers. At camp, they will discover that many tasks require a team effort.
  11. Tradition: From camp songs to secret codes, summer camps often develop their own culture and traditions to match. For this reason, children often desire to return to the same camp year after year.
  12. Education: Educators stress the importance of bridging the gap between school years. Summer camp, while incredibly fun, offers activities that encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and even encourage skills such as reading and math. Early childhood educators stress importance of summer camp in school preparedness.

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