First Day Jitters

At Full Heart Child Care, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to drop your child off on their very first day at school!  We take lots of measure to make sure families feel welcome, even before the first day! Prior to children starting, we set up a time for families to visit, drop off paperwork and supplies, and meet their child’s teacher(s)!  This ensures that on their first day, the focus can be 100% on making the child feel comfortable and parents feel at ease!

Throughout a child’s first day, parents will receive updates via Kangarootime about how their child is eating, sleeping, and overall adjusting to their new environment! We always make sure to call home on the first day to let parents know how their little one is doing too!  The Kangarootime pictures are a huge comfort to parents as they see their child engaged in fun activities and maybe getting some snuggles from their teachers!

We know that change is hard for everyone, and we are here to help you and your family transition to our Full Heart family!
Amanda Sig

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