As we all know, a child’s nap is crucial to their overall success and mood on a daily basis!  One of the most frequently asked question from inquiring parents is “How will my child sleep here?” In the infant program, we follow the schedule that is being followed at home, meaning that if your child takes multiple naps at home, they will here too.  In the toddler and preschool rooms, children sleep on cots with sheets that we provide.  We encourage families to bring a blanket or attachment item to help mirror their home sleep experience as much as possible.  Teachers are comforting to children and will hold, rock, or rub backs of any child that needs some snuggles before nap and there is always calming music playing! Children who are used to sleeping in perfectly dark, quiet places may take a few days to adjust to the new environment, but once they are sleeping well here, they almost always sleep even better at home! Sweet dreams!!Amanda Sig


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