Water Play at Full Heart Child Care

Here in Rochester, our summers are short and our winters are VERY long so when the sun comes out, so does our sprinkler!  All children at Full Heart Child Care are able to participate in water play both outdoors and indoors.  Not only is it refreshing, but it is an important part of a child’s development to encounter different textures and temperatures during play!

“Water play is not only incredibly fun for a small child, but it also enhances a child’s physical, cognitive, and social skills,” Susan Brown, Assistant Director and Parent Educator at Commonwealth Parenting writes. “When children pour water, they are improving their physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination. They extend their vocabulary as they learn new words and talk about what they are experiencing. They explore elements of science such as buoyancy and volume as they experience why some objects sink and others float. Children begin to experiment with math concepts such as greater than and less than, empty and full, and even fractions as they explore things that may be half full or quarter full.”



Amanda Sig

Brown, Susan. “Water Play and Your Child’s Growing Brain.”  Community Idea Stations, 13 February 2012, http://ideastations.org/science-matters/ideas-parents/water-play-and-your-childs-growing-brain

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