Mess is BEST!

Most people would consider a neat and tidy environment to be ideal, right?? We totally agree…except when it means that our littlest learners are exploring and learning right before our eyes! At Full Heart, we embrace some messy spaces during the day because it means that the children are engaged in hands-on learning!  Paint and glue, sticks and dirt, and even the occasional spilled cup of milk mean that the children in our center have been hard at PLAY all day long!  While we value cleanliness (and we promise everything gets sanitized nightly), we also value the importance of children figuring out what it is that interests them!  Research shows that all of the senses are equally important in a child’s development, so they need to be smelling, seeing, hearing, and TOUCHING all sorts of things!  We also like to limit the number of transitions children encounter throughout the day.  There’s no need to create a spotless environment before lunch if they can get right back to work (play) when they finish!  As always, we are in the business of loving children and creating an environment where they can be the best version of themselves!

Amanda Sig

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