Healthy Meals

Here at Full Heart Child Care, we love being able to serve only the freshest, healthiest food to our children.  So many families visit our center and have concerns about the typical foods served in child care settings.  One of the things that sets us apart is our fabulous menu!  Teachers joke that they eat better here than they do at home!  At Full Heart, we only serve organic fruits and vegetables and organic milk.  When designing our menu, we wanted to make sure that families did not have to substitute any food choices for their children, and the menu they are served here should mirror what they eat at home.  Each meal features a well-balanced combination of protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy!  We also value our mealtimes as a social experience for children.  We eat family style and children are encouraged to try new foods and to talk about their days, their friends, families, and pets!
As toddler parent Kelly Golden states:
“When searching for a daycare, we wanted to find somewhere that would nourish our daughter’s mind and body. We wanted her to eat meals like the ones we feed her at home. Organic, whole foods are important to us. Full Heart’s healthy menu just confirmed that it is the right daycare for us.”
We know the value of healthy meals and are so happy to be offering quality options for families at Full Heart! To learn more or see for yourself, give us a call today!
Amanda Sig

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