Clean Spaces = Happy Faces

Director Amanda Voglmayr talks about the importance of maintaining a clean space for the children at Full Heart Child Care!

“Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of a successful center. We take many steps to make sure our facility is not only tidy, but truly clean as well! We have teamed with Cintas to use only environmentally friendly and child-safe products in our classrooms. Teachers take on such an important role of caring for these precious children and understand the value of keeping a clean room. Children witness the teachers cleaning tables and sweeping the floor regularly throughout the day. All mouthed toys are sanitized nightly and we sanitize equipment such as high chairs and cribs after each use. We know that germs are inevitable when multiple children are together in one space, but we also know that stopping the spread of bacteria can stop a lot of illnesses from forming! Our bathrooms and floors get cleaned and mopped daily as well! We are proud of our center and are excited to maintain our newly renovated center!”

Amanda Sig

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