Kangaroo Time


As I sat down and imagined my dream child care setting, one thing that I kept coming back to was wanting to know more what was happening with my little girl throughout her day.  Of course, I was curious about what she was doing, how she as feeling and eating etc, but there were also logistics behind this request!

I was a nursing mama who, as you may be able to relate, had a hate-hate relationship with the pump. Imagine your day was finishing up early enough to visit your little one and nurse instead of having to pump again?! That’s a slice of heaven for me!

Or imagine leaving work, getting into your car and seeing your little one just fell asleep for a nap that has been long overdue all day.  I think that calls for a Wegmans run to pick up all those little things that usually take an hour with a childInstead, you just powered through in quite possibly your most relaxing 20 minutes in Wegmans in the last 3 months…AND you got some chocolate covered almonds!

Well, this is what I dreamed of, so after lots of digging and research, we found Kangaroo Time!

At Full Heart Child Care, we know how important communication between teachers and families is for SO many reasons!  From diaper changes to naps, meals to curriculum, this free app makes it possible for you to see real-time updates on what is happening in the classroom and how your child’s day is going!  If you have any notes that you want to send to the teachers, this app allows you to easily communicate without even having to make a call. My favorite part is the gallery section within the app that shares pictures of all the fun activities, smiles and snuggles throughout the day.

This app is more than just a feature we’ve chosen to offer our families; its our way of making sure that we provide you with as much peace of mind as you need so while you’re at work, school, running errands etc, so you can be the best version of yourself! …and also seeing photos of your little one giggling while going down the slide in the middle of the day is the best pick-me-up there is!

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